The Prisoner's Prayer Book

The Prisoner’s Prayer Book is exactly that. It is a compilation of simple, easy-to-read one-page prayers, set in a prisoner’s surroundings, dealing with subjects they encounter on a daily basis. The prayers reflect loneliness, ongoing struggles, and insights gained. If you know someone who is in prison, someone who may feel that there may not be a soul “out there” who cares if he (or she) lives or dies, this is the book. The prayers are for prisoners. The artwork has been done by prisoners.

It is the author’s hope that these prayers will help a loved one find hope in his or her daily life, value in self and in others, and love from a God Who continues to love them, even when it sometimes seems that no one else does.

About the Book

Please note that in order to have a book reach your loved one inside a Michigan prison, it must come directly from Amazon, or from the publisher. If your prisoner resides in a different state, please check the requirements of that specific prison. Price is $12.95 plus tax and shipping. Order online at, or from the publisher, Principia Media, 678 Front Street NW, Suite 256, Grand Rapids, MI 49504.

“If the sound of a clanging gate, or the jangling of keys, or maybe the sight of barbed wire or even uniforms make you nervous, perhaps becoming a part of ministry “on the inside” is not for you. I had no idea what to expect when I first signed up. Inside, however, I discovered a world I never knew existed. I met human beings who’d been forgotten by family and society, men who craved the touch of a handshake. It was for only one hour, but for that hour, these men were no longer prisoners. Instead, they were fellow Christians coming together in worship. At one time I was asked why I went there. My answer now is “because you are worth it.” I promise you, should you choose to accept the mission of being part of a prison ministry, of if you choose to become an advocate “on the outside,” you will never, ever again be the same.”

About the Author

Captivated by the huge need of prisoners to be recognized for who they really are, Louise has been an advocate for prisoners for more than a decade. Originally from Detroit, she now resides in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula where she continues to try to find ways to be a prisoner advocate.


Notecards are also available. These meet the standards that have been currently set by Michigan’s Department of Corrections. An “ID” box has been created on the back side of them in which to place the prisoner’s name and ID information along with the sender’s information. (They can also be ordered without this box.) The designs have been drawn by a prisoner. One set of 6 cards and envelopes can be ordered from Louise by e-mailing her at $10.00 includes tax and shipping.


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